Looking for inspiration....
Installing fonts...
Using the same 3 typefaces...
Looking at behance...
Collecting my thoughts...

Nice to meet you, I’m Shawn. I am a Digital Designer based in Toronto, Canada. Currently, I am working as a Product Designer at OnCall Health.

eBay North America
Design & Development, Brand Development, Art Direction
Brand identity, Ui/ux, Art Direction
Bluestone Venture Group
Brand Identity, design & Development, Art Direction
Colbourne Café & Bistro
Brand Identity, Art Direction
Coming Soon – Creating a new identity and eCommerce experience for Westbrook's
Brand Identity, Art Direction, ui/ux, e-commerce
Make Your Mark
Book & Layout Design, ePub & Publishing
BTW Exchange
Brand Identity, Social Media, Animation, UI/UX
Arizona Iced Tea
Brand Identity, Packaging, Experimental
book design, publishing
brand identity, ui/ux, art direction
PNDx Trade – Adapting a "mobile-first" approach for crypto trading
Portland Poster
poster design, experimental